Pregnancy: 30 weeks

27 Oct

I just got back from the doctor and the baby is not too big or not too small, just right in the middle of the average heights/weights. Everything (her femur, head, stomach, etc.) was measuring at her estimated due date of January, 5th. She is approximately 3.5 pounds and 13.5 inches long.

We’ve finally toured both hospitals and made our decision. Both were quite similar but one offered a family room, we can pay extra for, which is more like a hotel room than a hospital room and Christian can stay the night there, too. Since we’ll be staying there for 3-5 nights, we wanted to be comfortable 🙂

It also offers a nice view of the mountains (not shown in the picture).

I do have a little belly but I am still quite small for someone who is 30 weeks pregnant.  I was at a baby store with my friend yesterday, who is due about 3 weeks after me but is much bigger than me, and she was approached by a lady who offered her a free box of baby supplies.  The lady did not even look at me, so I shyly asked if I could have a box too as I was also expecting.


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