Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

We had some friends over for dinner last night and boy am I glad I hired a caterer. After cleaning all day, I was in so much pain in my stomach and my back. Guess I’ll just have to lie around for the next few weeks 😉  I meant to take pictures but completely forgot!

Today I am 34 weeks pregnant.

Hazel is probably about 5-6 pounds and 17-19 inches long.  I am up 18 pounds from my starting weight but after last night’s Thanksgiving Dinner it might be more 😉

I think our little girl is still in the breech position, I am still trying to make her flip.  I held an ice pack by her head for an hour yesterday and she moved it a lot but did not flip. However, last night there was an elbow or shoulder or foot where her head used to mainly be and I’m not sure now if the hard part I’m feeling up high is her head or her bottom. Tomorrow I have an appointment with an acupuncturist who will burn moxa by my little toes which should help the uterus relax allowing for breeched babies to flip.

Saturday is my baby shower, I’m very excited.

Thank you so much to those who sent gifts for the baby shower!  It is so thoughtful of you and I wish you all could come! I’ll try and remember to take pictures.


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