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Hello Third Trimester!

13 Oct

I can’t believe that I am now 28 weeks and officially in the third trimester!  I don’t know where the second one went  (Ah! A little panic as I remember we still have no where for the baby to sleep!) ! I have, however, noticed a big change which happened in one week.  I am so tired, out of breath and achy.  I still have a pathetic stomach for someone who is officially in the third trimester but I feel like it is huge.  This last week, I’ve had SEVERE round ligament pain.  The ligaments in my stomach have to stretch and move away for my growing stomach.  It hurt so badly, some days I could hardly walk and the pain almost made me throw  up a few times.  I guess this  occurs in some women when they are undergoing a growth spurt.  But my growth spurt is not visible yet…

Saturday we went and toured a private hospital’s birthing unit.  It was a nice hospital. I guess I really have nothing to compare it to as I’ve never had to stay in a hospital before.  The food is really good there, though.  Overall, it was very nice but I found out I’d have to get a different doctor than the one I already have which sounds like a pain and I like my doctor.  So we’ll go tour the other hospital at the end of the month and see how that one compares.

Here’s another purchase we made for the nursery.

One of the only rocking chairs available in Switzerland.  And gliders?  Forget about it. Non-existent.

But do you see the little thing sitting on the rocking chair?  That is the owl I made for Hazel 🙂

Today,  I  got a package of American food from a supplier here in Switzerland!  In the mix;  Canned pumpkin, so much easier than roasting a whole pumpkin!  Peppermint extract, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Banana Cheerios, Seriously they DO NOT have Cheerios here! Of all things!  I also got, a little teeny can of eggnog,  pre-made graham cracker pie crust, Helman’s mayonnaise  and candy corn.  Which may be a mistake because they are so addictive!  I was sooooo happy when I received my package!  Now if I could just find some maraschino cherries……..

Tomorrow we are off to Denmark for an early Christmas celebration with Christian’s family.  In a few weeks I will not be able to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m having difficulty dealing with this fact.  I may not get on another airplane until March or April! Yikes!


Wall decor for the nursery

25 Aug

I’ve begun the long, tedious, yet fun task of planning the nursery decorations.  I honestly think it would be much easier if it were a boy. There are not as many options of colors I would like for a boy.   I’ve come across lots of cool wall art that could be used (in most cases) for either genders.

I really want this poster found on a sale at but I got to it too late and they are all sold out.  I also went to the suppliers website with no luck.  A google search was fruitless 😦

When at the suppliers website,, I found these cute wall cards.  They come in many languages (pictured in Swedish) but not in Danish. However, I think I could fix that with a little creativity.

The following poster can be made for a boy or girl

These alphabet cards are free at the I need to first buy some cards for printing. I don’t think I would hang them up but they’re free and cool!