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C-Section Scheduled

19 Dec

So after many different doctor’s appointments and crazy flipping baby techniques. We still have a breech baby.  We went ahead and scheduled a c-section on December 29th when I am 39 weeks.  We saw last  week on one of my many ultrasounds, that her lungs, which are usually the last organ to develop, are already functioning. 🙂

I am beginning to wonder if I will last until the 29th.  The last two nights I’ve had ‘false labor’ a mixture of braxton hicks (fake) contractions and real contractions lasting for hours  (from about 6pm to 2 am) and coming every 4-5 minutes.   These episodes are so uncomfortable and slightly painful, that I am hopelessly nauseous for hours. No fun!  It is tricky to know if this is real labor or not but there  are two reasons why I doubted the authenticity: 1. The pain did not get increasingly worse 2. When I lie on my back there is no pain during the contractions.  I only feel the pain when I am walking, sitting or lying on my side.  True contractions will hurt no matter what position you are in!

With a normal pregnancy all this is normal and fine, just extremely annoying and uncomfortable.  However in my case, it makes it a bit difficult to know what I should do, stay home or go to labor and delivery since we do not want my labor to progress as I need to have a c-section. I think there is only a fine line between what I’m experiencing and the beginning of real labor and how do I know when I’ve crossed that line?  I’m scared I’ll labor too long at home and Hazel will start to come out the wrong way and get stuck!

I’m dreading this evening and hope it is not a repeat of the last two nights.

On another note, I think my stomach has tripled in size in the last 3 days!  I’ll try and get a photo up soon 🙂

Has anyone else had false labor like this?  Did it last for weeks?


Baby Shower

1 Dec

I just got back from the doctor’s.  Our little girl has still not flipped.  The doctor is  confident she will flip and tells me to ‘just wait’.  I’ve tried so many things to flip her, I’m wondering if I should back off a little.

Last Friday I went to an acupuncturist/midwife to have an ancient Chinese technique called Moxa performed.  While  I was there, the midwife checked the position of baby and she was transverse or lying sideways.  But she is now back to breech.  Christian has been burning the moxa (mugwort) by my little toes every evening and so far it has not helped but we’ll keep trying until the little sticks burn up!

Saturday was my baby shower. I had a great time and Hazel got lots of great gifts!  One of my best friends, Linnea, came all the way from Sweden  (  Just a reminder to the Americans, we are living in Switzerland not Sweden and they are not right by each other or remotely the same thing)! I forgot to take any pictures but I was clever enough to set out the camera and some helpful hands picked it up and took pictures. However, all the pictures are of me and not many of my friends 😦

We  played a few different games including; guess the flavor of baby food (the chicken flavor was a real winner !) , guess the size of my belly with a string and then I  had a list of different scenarios one encounters with a baby and asked the players to find a solution to their problem in their purse/handbag.  Whoever had the best solution won.

Some food:

I swear he likes me!

Michelle, explaining that inside this bag is a T-shirt with our daughter’s future occupation on it.

She will be a game show host.

Playing with toys.

Moxa by Linnea:

Operation Flip Baby

21 Nov

At my 33 week appointment on Thursday, Hazel was in the breech position.   Only 15% of babies by the 33rd week are breeched.  She still has until approximately the 37th week to turn head down and then after that the chances goes down drastically as the baby is usually too big to make such a big transition.  In the US,  at this point, they will manually turn the baby from the outside, it looks extremely painful for the mother but works about 50% of the time.  This procedure can also lead to an emergency c-section. They do not preform it in Switzerland.  I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that because the procedure looks so awful for the mother and the baby.

It is possible for babies to flip right before labor.  I asked my mom if she had any experience with a breeched baby and apparently one of her kids flipped the night before she went into labor.   If Hazel does not flip, I will have to have c-section. Which I do not want.  I am so excited to go into labor and would be disappointed to miss out on that experience.

After reading much information, the most common reasons a baby is breeched is due to a ligament in the mother’s stomach being too tight, a sacrum that is not in its correct position, stomach muscles that are too strong, if the mother’s thyroid is low-functioning  or a heart shaped uterus.  A chiropractor is very helpful in fixing the first two problems with something called the Webster Technique, which then creates more room in the uterus allowing the baby to turn head down. But of course the chiropractors here do not do preform that technique.  I will seek out a acupuncturist Today which also may help.  As well, as someone to preform moxibustion (burning incense by my little toes. It should help the baby flip?)  I’ll try anything!

In the meantime there are many things I can ‘try’ which some ladies have sworn work.  These include:

-Holding a frozen bag of peas at the top of the stomach so the baby will go away from the cold

-Playing soothing music at the bottom of the stomach to attract baby

-Shining a bright light at the bottom of the stomach

-The pelvic tilt: I lay on the floor, put my hips on the couch, support my back with pillows  3x a day for 5-20 minutes

– Chest to knees: Also 3x a day 5-20 minutes

-Inversion: done for 30 seconds at at time, many times a day. This helps stretch the ligaments.

Techniques are encouraged to be combined and best done when the baby is active.

I still have a few weeks left, and am hopeful she will flip.  Only 3% of babies do not flip by labor.  But if the umbilical cord is wrapped around their neck, there is nothing that will get them to flip.  Hopefully, we are just dealing with a stubborn baby  who will eventually flip 🙂