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Weekend in Denmark

17 Oct

We had a lovely weekend in Denmark. We originally went there so Christian could participate, along with all the men in his family, in a 12km ‘Man Run’.   A ‘Man Run’ is a race that only allows ‘men’ to compete.  It is not just a typical race.  They have to run through mud, mud filled ponds that come up to the chest, climb over walls and piles of tires and many other obstacles.

There is Christian on the far right. This is obviously before the race

random guy

They guys had a lot of fun but I’ve never seen Christian as sore as he was yesterday!

We were supposed to go to Denmark for Christmas this year but as I won’t be able to fly anymore in a few weeks, we decided to have a little Christmas for us this weekend.  We ate the traditional Danish Christmas dinner of roast duck and exchanged presents.  I have been slowly collecting the expensive and beautiful Royal Copenhagen porcelain so I received two serving platters to add to our collection.


Hanne has been busy knitting.  Look what she’s made for Hazel:

This pattern is more than 100 years old!

Hanne also made this sweater but bought the mittens for us when we were baby shopping

Now that we’re back in Switzerland it’s time to get busy on the ‘to do’ list!!!!