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Baby Shower

1 Dec

I just got back from the doctor’s.  Our little girl has still not flipped.  The doctor is  confident she will flip and tells me to ‘just wait’.  I’ve tried so many things to flip her, I’m wondering if I should back off a little.

Last Friday I went to an acupuncturist/midwife to have an ancient Chinese technique called Moxa performed.  While  I was there, the midwife checked the position of baby and she was transverse or lying sideways.  But she is now back to breech.  Christian has been burning the moxa (mugwort) by my little toes every evening and so far it has not helped but we’ll keep trying until the little sticks burn up!

Saturday was my baby shower. I had a great time and Hazel got lots of great gifts!  One of my best friends, Linnea, came all the way from Sweden  (  Just a reminder to the Americans, we are living in Switzerland not Sweden and they are not right by each other or remotely the same thing)! I forgot to take any pictures but I was clever enough to set out the camera and some helpful hands picked it up and took pictures. However, all the pictures are of me and not many of my friends 😦

We  played a few different games including; guess the flavor of baby food (the chicken flavor was a real winner !) , guess the size of my belly with a string and then I  had a list of different scenarios one encounters with a baby and asked the players to find a solution to their problem in their purse/handbag.  Whoever had the best solution won.

Some food:

I swear he likes me!

Michelle, explaining that inside this bag is a T-shirt with our daughter’s future occupation on it.

She will be a game show host.

Playing with toys.

Moxa by Linnea: